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Atten.dance :: The Complete Class and Activity Management Solution

For schools, free-lance teachers, gyms and activity centres

A full featured software platform with administrative support for your school included

For all types of class, lesson and activity from all types of school, activity centre and teacher

For Schools and Academies

Atten.dance offers a wide range of school management functionality to organize your courses, classes and lessons, including a new online delivery platform.

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Colleges
For Extra-Curricular Schools and Academies

Atten.dance offers a full-features management platform including online registration, teachers registers and automated billing.

  • Arts schools, dance studios and theatres
  • Language schools
  • Music schools
For Independent Teachers and Tutors

Atten.dance offers a host of lesson management functionality to organize your time and help you collect fees within minimum administration.

  • Musical instrument teachers
  • Language tutors
  • Free-lance Yoga and Dance teachers
For Gyms and Sports Centres

From scheduled classes to public activity sessions, Atten.dance helps you sell tickets and track access.

  • Gyms, with or without scheduled class offering
  • Ice Skating Arena's, for public sessions and group/individual lessons
  • Sports clubs

About Atten.dance

Simply Priced

Pay only for the features you use.

Hosted how you want

From complete hosting solutions through to a micro-site made to look just like your own web site, choose the way you wish Atten.dance to be presented to your students/customers

Not just software

At Atten.dance we firmly believe in what we do, and want to help you succeed. You're not just buying software, but a complete service including Support both for your business and for your end-users.

Comprehensive and Customizable

Many of the features on the Atten.dance platform has been specifically developed to help our partners succeed. We help you set up and run your Atten.dance instance, and if there's a gap in what we can provide, we can work to develop the additional functionality for you.