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Atten.dance :: History

Developed by success

What makes Atten.dance so special? The unique relationship between a successful School Principal and a seasoned expert of software and process automation. It's really that simple.

Atten.dance Ltd started life as a simple management tool to replace excel spreadsheets used by the owner and principal of a successful dance school in Cambridge, UK, written by a helpful father of a student. It seems many years ago when we started out on what was a very simple problem; how to make access to dance classes easier for parents around the Cambridgeshire region.

Over the years the dance school grew and the Atten.dance platform grew with it to accomodate all of the additional functionality required to automate and simplify management of the school.

Ultimately the foundations of the software were very simple:

All of the hours a teacher is doing administrative tasks and chasing payment are effectively unpaid. Students and parents of students don't see the amount of hard work that goes into organizing a busy schedule of classes, let alone keeping up the relationships with the parents.

Software can solve this problem:

  • Automate repetative tasks, such as chasing for payment and allowing students/parents to pay online
  • Simplify management by keeping school information in a database that can be queried and cross-queried to gain insights on how the school is running
  • Enable communication by allowing teachers and school administrators to send class-wide emails in a few clicks

But further than this, Atten.dance is founded on the principle that no software solution will be 100% effective on it's own. This is especially true for a platform as feature rich as Atten.dance. Due to it's size, it might be seen as complex - but that's why Atten.dance is more than just software!

  • We work with you to understand your business, to provide advice on the best set up for you - and provide you with a configured platform ready to go. We'll even take your old spreadsheet organization and pre-load the data for you!
  • We provide you with initial training on day to day activities, to help you become familiar with the platform
  • We provide you with ongoing support. Something not working right? Just contact us, and we'll sort it and take the opportunity to check both we and you understand what went wrong
  • We will also provide end-user support direct to your students/customers regarding use of the platform