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I'm a new customer
I'd like to set up a trial/start using Atten.dance

If you're interested in using Atten.dance, please contact us. After a brief discussion on the nature of your business model we can direct you to one of our pre-configured demo platforms, or create a demo platform just for you that you can convert straight into a live system.

I'd like to find out how Atten.dance can help my business

If you're not sure whether Atten.dance is right, and would like to find out more about the system, please get in touch. We can chat with you and live-demonstrate the system to help you decide whether it's right for you.

I'm an existing customer
I need some technical help

If you've got an Atten.dance instance and need help reconfiguring it, or have any kind of issue, please let us know. Our support team will look into your request and be in touch.

I wish to close my account

If Atten.dance isn't working out for you, please let us know. If we're not able to make it right we can coordinate closure of your account, including providing you with final data snapshots and destruction of your data.

Inbound talent
I wish to enquire about a job

Atten.dance Ltd. is a small company without the traditional 9-5. Whether you're looking for work on a casual basis, contracting or something more perminent, please let us know. When something comes up we'll be in touch.

I'd like to offer you products/services

Atten.dance Ltd. runs most business functions in-house, so we rarely look for outside B2B help, but we're still happy to hear from you. Please don't send repeated or automated requests. They will be ignored.

I have a legal question regarding Atten.dance

Have a legal question for us? We're here to help. Simply let us know what you're looking for and we'll be in touch.