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Atten.dance :: The Complete Session Management Solution

For schools, free-lance teachers, gyms and activity centres

A full featured software platform with administrative support for your school included

About Atten.dance

What sort of 'sessions' does Atten.dance support?

Scheduled class organization

Whether you're running a school of classes, or simply offering regular, scheduled sessions, Atten.dance supports all aspects of your class management. You can organize your classes within terms, or free-running between particular date ranges. If you don't operate on a 'per course' payment basis, the billing module also comes with the facility to automatically calculate scheduled class bills based on the number of lessons, or the number of hours.

Workshop organizer

If you run one-off sessions that need to have a particular enrollment process or attendee organization, the Workshops features allows you to take control.

Public session organizer

Do you offer 'drop in' style events, such as ticketed public sessions, perhaps for a gym or activity centre? The Public session organizer allows you to quickly build a timetable of sessions and allows customers to book and pay online.

Online Content Delivery Platform

The online delivery platform can be used with both scheduled classes and stand-alone. You can use this for any material that requires internet accessible, downloadable or viewable content, to support your offering to your customers/students. You could use this for Homework - or for replacement sessions during Covid-19 lock down!

How do people interact with the site?

Organization by a variety of class metadata

Out of the box Atten.dance supports organizing classes into 'courses', and each class can have multiple lessons. The powerful management system allows you to further segment your classes and sessions by your own defined metadata, and have this reflected on the web site. This provides a powerful filtering mechanism allowing your visitors to find exactly what they're looking for.

Tablet based Teachers-register

Need to keep track of who's attended class? Atten.dance comes with a tablet-register. All data is protected by teacher login credentials, and masked when the tablet is left idle.

Allow customers to pay direct through the web site

Not running your lessons/sessions for free? Get paid sooner by allowing your students and customers to pay through their own Account on the web site. You can set up a variety of payment methods to suit the way you work. Want to take cash? That's fine too! The control on payment can reside entirely with you.

What do administrators get?

Feature-rich Dashboards and Reports

See how your classes/sessions are doing. Get historical analysis in order to see what's popular and what's not. Make sure you've accounted for every penny... All of this is possible with Atten.dance.

Payment and basket management

At the heart of Atten.dance Billing Module is a powerful flow-based state machine and payment calculator. This allows the system to charge your students/customers exactly when you want, for exactly how much they owe. Want to give them a free trial? No problem. Want to provide discounts for siblings? Done automatically.

Atten.dance is organized into distinct sections, including

Administrator Portal

The administrator portal allows you to manage all aspects of the Atten.dance set up and management. Staff members can have unique permissions set to allow or deny the ability to manage individual areas.

Teachers/Session Leaders Portal

The teachers/session leaders portal comes with a timetable and basic management tools, and the ability to take registers online. This portal also allows teachers to view and create online content for their students.

Account Holders Portal

Power in the hands of your customers - the account holders portal allows your customers to review their session registrations, pay for sessions (and any other adhoc items placed into their online basket) and review messages and terms and conditions previously agreed to.

Students Portal

The students portal allows students to access their own classes and online content.

Atten.dance is integrated with your web site

Full Hosted

Atten.dance can host your entire web site, and integrate the Atten.dance stack alongside.

Full Transparent (Proxy)

Want to retain your own web server, but make Atten.dance appear seamlessly within it? Using web server proxying you can forward requests for Atten.dance functionality straight to our servers. The users never see the difference, not even in the domain they're accessing.

Hosted Templated Microsite

If you want to retain your own web server, but do not have the ability to set up a proxy forwarder, the final choice is a hosted, templated microsite on Atten.dance servers. Users will be fowarded to a different domain name (yourschool).atten.dance to interact with Atten.dance.

Data and Snippet API

Pull information and snippets of web pages straight from the Atten.dance server to inject directly into your web site.