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Atten.dance :: Hosted how you want

Atten.dance can be integrated to your site in a variety of ways

Atten.dance is a "Software as a service" platform; this means that all of the software resides on our servers and we undertake everything needed to keep it running including maintenance and upgrades. What this means practically is that you need to decide how to interface the Atten.dance software platform with your own web site.

Full Hosted Solution

We take on the hosting of your web site and tightly integrate Atten.dance into it.

It may not be possible to provide you with your existing content management system for writing the web pages; but we can provide you with an alternate system for modifying the content on your web site.

Proxy Hosting

You retain full control of your web site; we provide you with the access details to configure your web server to proxy requests over to Atten.dance.

Typically this is the preferred option, though does require your site is hosted on a server/system that supports this method.

Templated Microsite

Your students/customers are directed over to Atten.dance functionality without going through your web site. In order to facilitate an easy user experience we can template your Atten.dance instance to look just like, or completely different from your web site!

Snippet and Data API

Atten.dance also has the ability to provide snippets of HTML, or data in JSON format, via API calls. These can be used by your own web server in a variety of ways.

Not all features and data is accessible through the API, for reasons of data security.