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Atten.dance :: More than just Software

Atten.dance is a complete solution, software and support

Atten.dance is founded on the principle that no software solution will be 100% effective on it's own. This is especially true for a platform as feature rich as Atten.dance. Due to it's size, it might be seen as complex - but that's why Atten.dance is more than just software!

  • We work with you to understand your business, to provide advice on the best set up for you - and provide you with a configured platform ready to go. We'll even take your old spreadsheet organization and pre-load the data for you!
  • We provide you with initial training on day to day activities, to help you become familiar with the platform
  • We provide you with ongoing support. Something not working right? Just contact us, and we'll sort it and take the opportunity to check both we and you understand what went wrong
  • We will also provide end-user support direct to your students/customers regarding use of the platform