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Atten.dance Web Site Information

The Atten.dance web site (hosted on https://atten.dance), partner portals and software (hosted on other URL) both make use of Cookies for session tracking. In using any Atten.dance web site or software platform you agree to allow us to use cookies for the purposes of:

  • Visitor journey analysis (not personally identifiable information is collected)
  • Session tracking (personal information related to your account may be used)
  • Anti-abuse (personal information may be gathered if accesses breach a minimum set of criteria)

Use of the web site and software platforms

Atten.dance is a "software as a service" platform, made available on the internet. By using/interacting with the platform, including the web sites, you agree:

  • Not to make any attempt to access functions or data to which you've not explictly been entitled through agreement with Atten.dance Ltd., including through hand-crafting HTTP requests, or to connect to the services through non-HTTP protocols and ports.
  • Not to deliberately attempt to disrupt or reduce the performance of the service provision in any way
  • Not to seek to replicate any part of the Atten.dance platform functionality, processes, look and feel
  • Not to reverse engineer, modify or copy any client-side code or binaries, including but not limited to CSS, Javascript, HTML and Android app made visible to you in any way

Reliant Technologies and Assets

Under MIT license: Semantic-UI, jQuery, Chart.js, DataTables

Commercial licenses: FullCalendar

Images: Pixabay

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